Compassionate Care Act Introduced To Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY

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Compassionate Care Act Introduced To Legalize Medical Marijuana In NYA new bill to legalize medical marijuana may have the Big Apple turning green

New York has been trying to get a medical marijuana bill passed for some time but the bills have failed to get Senate support.

But a new bill, called the Compassionate Care Act, introduced to the Senate by Sen. Diane Savino, D-Staten Island has a much better chance of garnering the support to pass. The bill addresses some of the shortcomings of previous bills and is being called a “seed to sale”bill, offering tight security and regulation of the drug.

The Democratic-led Assembly has repeatedly passed the legalization of medical marijuana, but it hasn’t received enough support in the Senate. Cuomo has also expressed concern about the measure, but said in July 2011 that he was studying the issue.A bill introduced this week proposes tougher oversight of medical marijuana sales in New York than had been previously sought. New York would join 18 states that have legalized medical marijuana.

It seems unusual that NY, which is generally regarded as a fairly liberal state, has lagged behind in medical marijuana reform legislation but perhaps this new tighter bill can overcome many past objections, so seriously ill cancer and aids patients can get the medicine they need.

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