Florida Mobilizing For Medical Marijuana In 2014

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 	Florida Mobilizing For Medical Marijuana In 2014According to a recent poll over 70% of Floridians want medical marijuana in their state.

Change comes slow to Florida and although Florida State Senator Jeff Clemens, D, introduced the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, SB 1250 recently, most agree that it has little chance of passing.

With politicians so blatantly ignoring the will of the voters, medical cannabis could have a major impact on the up and coming gubernatorial race.

Florida law allows for voter approved constitutional amendments but the process is difficult and expensive. But John Morgan, a prominent Florida attorney and major democratic fundraiser has vowed to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2014.

Morgan, head of the Morgan & Morgan firm, said he’s going to lead the initiative for personal reasons: His father had struggled with cancer and emphysema, and only marijuana helped him. http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/03/16/3289839/major-democratic-fundraiser-determined.html

Major Democratic fundraiser determined to put medical marijuana on the 2014 …

“John Morgan, a major fundraiser for President Barack Obama and the boss of former Gov. Charlie Crist, is taking the reins of a Florida medical marijuana initiative, promising to pump major money and political muscle into the popular issue. Morgan, a …”

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