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Several wacky weed stories have sprouted up this week in the news and are quite entertaining although in one case the results were not so funny.

The first story concerns one Daniel Selmon from Aurora Il. Selmon definitely gets the “Why Do You Think It’s Called Dope Award” from us. Selmon was concerned that frost might damage the three marijuana plants growing in his backyard. So he lit two large bonfires to keep them warm.

Apparently it never occurred to him that open fires burning in a residential neighborhood late at night might draw unwanted attention. But that is exactly what happened. An officer on routine patrol spotted the fires and upon investigation Selmon’s plants.

Selmon was arrested for possession, his plants confiscated and is currently cooling down in jail with bail set at $30,000

Original Story at: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/10/10/police-man-set-bonfires-to-keep-marijuana-plants-warm/

The second story concerns an elderly British couple that lovingly raised the largest marijuana plant local police had ever seen. Apparently they bought the plant at a local boot sale without knowing it was marijuana. The plant was removed and apparently the couple wont be charged.

One has to wonder if the couple was really that dumb or if the police in Bedford, a commuter town 55 miles from London are just dumber. It would seem someone would have said something when they bought the plant to tip them off and even if not most folks know what marijuana looks like. All one has to do is watch the news or read the newspapers to see pictures of cannabis.

Original source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/08/elderly-british-couple-un_n_1949664.html

Finally there is a story from Germany about a 74 year old farmer who grew a field of marijuana without knowing it. Apparently he had a field that he wanted to plant in some sunflowers but not having any seed he substituted a sack of old bird seed. Bird seed commonly contains hemp seed as an ingredient and in this case it was plenty viable too. The farmer had no idea what the plants were according to the story although his neighbors certainly did.

“Police alerted by residents in the town of Mömbris in southern Germany found three-meter-high (9.84 feet) cannabis plants on a field of 300 square meters, prompting a visit by drug enforcement officials to the 74-year-old farmer.”


Although this type of marijuana contains little THC  the farmer plowed the field under immediately under the watchful eyes of the police. I have a hard time believing a farmer wouldn’t know what he was growing or become curious what the 9 foot plants he was growing were. My advice would be don’t try this at home as most police wouldn’t buy a story like that.

Well that’s another week up in smoke I guess.



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